September 27, 2021

World’s Highest Paid Cricket Players

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Not only has cricket grown a huge amount in popularity become extremely mainstream over the last several years, but it’s also become one of the highest paying sports in the world. Professional cricket players earn money from a variety of ways. They get paid from the international and league tournaments that they participate in and they also have sponsorships that pay them very well. For many cricket players, it isn’t just about the money for them, as cricket is their passion and they thoroughly enjoy playing. Let’s take a look at some of the highest paid cricket players in the world right now.

Virat Kohli

Indian cricketer, Virat Johli, is currently the captain of the Indian national team. He is known as one of the best batsmen in the world. ESPN has dubbed Kohli as one of the most famous athletes in the world and he also made the Forbes list as one of the most valuable athlete brands. With over 46 million Instagram followers, Kohli is extremely popular and loved by many cricket enthusiasts. It’s no wonder he’s one of the highest paid cricket players in the world. In 2019, he made over $24 million, and just recently signed an ‘A+ Category’ contract with BCCI, which will add another $1 million onto his salary.

Chris Gayle

Jamaican cricket player, Chris Gayle, plays international cricket for the West Indies. Gayle is known as one of the greatest Twenty20 batsmen of all time. He is the only player to score more than 10,000 Twenty20 runs while playing for many different leagues. Gayle earned a total of $7.5 million dollars in 2019, making him one of the top earners in cricket. In early 2019, Gayle decided that he would retire after the Cricket World Cup, but ended up playing in the ODI matches against India in August. He currently is taking a break from cricket to explore what’s next for him in the future.

Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag on the right, in blue
Virender Sehwag on the right, in blue

Virender Sehwag is a former Indian cricketer who retired in 2015, however, he’s still regarded as one of the top paid cricket players. He’s known as being one of the most destructive batsmen at all time. Sehwag is also regarded as being one of only four batsmen in the world to ever surpass 300, twice in Test cricket. Sehwag brought home an estimated $6.1 million in 2019 and is now a guest commentator for Indian matches. In his spare time, he loves to tweet and is known for his controversial comments on the platform.

Michael Clarke

Former Australian cricketer, Michael Clarke, is now a cricket commentator. However, he is known as being one of the best batsmen of his time. Clarke entered the world of cricket as a seventeen year old, and holds the title as being one of the best Australian athletes ever. The world cup winner announced his retirement in 2015 and has worked as a commentator and cricket analysis ever since. In 2019, he made nearly $3.9 million from all of his sponsorship deals, which allowed him to make this list.