October 17, 2021

Pakistan Loses Its Cricket Coach

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Pakistan Loses Its Cricket Coach

Pakistan Loses Its Cricket Coach

Cricket fans in Pakistan are in a state of excitement. The reason for this is not the performance of the national team but the coach. Incidentally, he shares his new decision with the bowling coach. The two professionals have each decided to step down from their office. The Pakistani Cricket Federation has recently announced this choice to the public. Sadly, this step-down has consequences for the upcoming New Zealand series which will start on September 17th with the One Day Internationals, and all that before the players head to the Twenty20 Internationals. So, the timing for a change of the coach was very inconvenient.

Nonetheless, the team already has two new leaders. Saqlain Mushtaq and Abdul Razzaq are the new interim coaches. They are two former stars of the Pakistani national cricket team, and they are supposed to lead the current players in the upcoming series in New Zealand. However, it is unclear who will lead the team in the Men’s Twenty20 World Cup, because the decision on a permanent coach is yet to be made. Hopefully, the Pakistani cricket board will announce it soon.

Family Reasons Were the Deciding Factor

The ex-coach announced in a statement why he made this surprising decision. He justified it with family reasons. The ex-head coach Misbah-ul-Haq wrote that, especially recently, he has had to live and work far away from his family and that he had had plenty of opportunities to reflect on the past twenty-four months during his time in Jamaica after the West Indies Series. It had become clear to him that his work specific would not change due to the schedule for the international cricket tournaments, therefore, he decided to put his family first and resign from his office.

He said the timing, of course, is not ideal for making this decision. But at the same time, he realized that he was personally no longer in a position to continue training and leading the team. The challenges ahead only make sense if a new coach takes over the group. At the same time, Misbah-ul-Haq emphasized that the last 24 months had been a lot of fun. He expressly thanked the Pakistani cricket team and management for their support and wished everyone the best of luck. He will continue to support the team in the future, but this time as a fan as he always gets excited as soon as the players enter the field to represent their home country.

Started as A Couple, Resigned as A Couple

The bowling coach Waqar Younis, who had been in office since 2019, also decided to go through with his resignation. His contract still runs for another year, but he didn’t want to continue working either. After the cricket coach informed him of his decision, Younis also decided to make this step. That is not surprising, since both started working together in these positions as a couple of friends. He thanked the team for the exciting and successful time and wished them all the best for the future. The resignation came just a few hours after Pakistan announced its squad for the World Cup.