October 17, 2021

How to Shop for a Cricket Bat

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A bat is probably the most important piece of equipment needed to play a game of cricket. You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to buying a bat because of all of the choices available. However, it doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Once you figure out your budget, the rest is pretty much just finding a bat that’s the right shape and size for not only your style of play, but your body shape. Here are several other factors to consider when it comes to shopping for a cricket bat.

Shop in person

When it comes to picking out the perfect bat, it is best to visit a physical store. You don’t necessarily have to make your final purchase from that store, but you definitely want to go to the store to talk to the sales reps and also try out the bat. You want to be sure to talk to experienced sales reps so that they can answer any questions you may have. When shopping online, you don’t have the luxury of physically touching the bats nor do you have the ability to get expert advice from people who know the bats. After you’ve went into the store, gotten all of your questions answered, and seen the bats for yourself, then you can follow up online with reading reviews on that specific bat, looking at ratings and comments to make your final decision and purchase that way if you want.

How to Shop for a Cricket Bat
How to Shop for a Cricket Bat

Try before you buy

When visiting the store to check out the bats, you definitely want to try out the bat before you even think about buying. Check out the bat, make sure you have a good grip on the handle, inspect the bat for any dents or splits, and choose the correct size bat. It is recommended that you choose a bat size based on your height. If you choose a bat that is too long or short for your body type, then you won’t be able to bat as effectively as you could with the correct size. There are plenty of height-to-size charts available online to find out what size bat will work best for you. Also, check with your local store, as they may have a chart available there as well.

Ignore the best brands

When shopping for your bat, it is best to ignore the most popular, big box brands and focus more on the bat that is within your budget. Also, take into consideration your skill level. If you’re a beginner or intermediate cricket player, don’t bother with spending a ton of money on a bat. Go for a bat that is the right size and feels comfortable for you and once you get enough practice in and get better at the game, you can upgrade later on. Since buying a cricket bat is an investment into bettering your skills, once you get a little better, it would be best to go with a reputable brand and spend a little extra to ensure you’ve got a durable bat.