October 17, 2021

Equipment and Clothing Used in Cricket

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Cricket is growing in popularity all over the world, as it is the holy grail in India and Pakistan. Because of how popular it’s becoming many people are just learning to play. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, there’s specific equipment needed to play a legit game of cricket and then there’s gear needed to enjoy a game and be safe playing. The equipment used in cricket has really evolved over the years. Here is a list of the equipment and clothing needed to play a game of cricket.

Cricket Ball

Cricket is played using a leather ball that is usually red, white, or pink. The short version of cricket is played with a white ball, while a red ball is used for test cricket. White balls are also used at nighttime so that it can be seen better. Similar to a baseball, the ball is pretty hard, but the leather is much thicker. An average cricket ball has a circumference of nine inches and weighs about 160 grams.

Cricket Bat

Batsman use a flat blade made of wood that is joined to a sturdy handle that resembles a cane. The front of the bat is mostly smooth, and the back is slightly curved, which adds depth and balance to it. Cricket bats come in many sizes; however, they can’t be longer than 38 inches or wider than 4.25 inches. There are different cricket bats for different play styles.


Stumps are wooden posts hammered into the ground that are used in the game of cricket and placed close enough together so that a ball cannot pass between them. Three stumps are used, each 28 inches tall, and they have spikes on their bottom so that they can go into the ground. The three stumps along with the ball form the wicket.


White collared shirts are usually worn with short or long sleeves depending on the weather. If games are played with a red ball, white clothing must be worn, and if a white ball is used, players usually wear one solid team color. Cricket players also wear hats and sunglasses to keep the sun out of their faces. Clothing needs to be comfortable so that players can easily maneuver on the field.

 Cricket Clothes
Cricket Clothes


Leather shoes are usually worn with spiked soles so that gripping on the grass is easy. If cricket is being played outside on a real field, you will see players wearing spiked shoes. If cricket is being played indoors on artificial grass, then players may wear special shoes with rubber dent designs on the soles, instead of spikes.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is worn to protect players from injury. Players wear a helmet to protect their head in case they’re struck by a ball, leg pads are worn to protect players from the pace of the ball. Pads are extremely lightweight, but still do their job. Gloves are worn by the batsman with thick padding above the fingers to protect against impact and the wicket keeper also wears bigger gloves with web between the thumb and pointer finger. The batsman and wicket keeper also wear abdominal guards made with hard plastic, that’s placed into the jockstrap, to protect the crotch area.