October 17, 2021

Different Types of Cricket Competitions

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Cricket, a diverse game that is played professionally in many countries around the world, is played three different ways. Cricket is very popular and when it first arrived on the scene, there were only two types of matches; First class and Tests. These two types of matches are played where each team is allowed two innings and the games are played over multiple days and can last up to five days. Today, there are three main types of cricket matches that are played on an international level — Test Cricket, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals. The type of match that is played greatly depends on the standard of play and time available. Keep reading to find out more about each one.

Test Cricket

The highest and most traditional type of Cricket, Test Cricket, has been played since 1877 and is a five-day match made up of two innings per team. Test matches are normally played in a group of matches that make up a series. Hence its name, it tests each team on technique, tolerance, and their ability to adapt to different conditions. Two national representative teams that have been given ‘test status’ by the International Cricket Council, go up against each other in these matches. Test Cricket is played the longest out of all the forms of Cricket and the game is over when a batting team bowls out or the captain makes a declaration. Test matches that are not finished within the time given are drawn.

One Day Internationals

One Day Internationals, also known as ODIs, originated in 1971 and are matches that are played all in one day. This type of match is also called Limited Overs Internationals. ODI’s are one-inning matches where each team faces 50 overs. The main objective of this type of match is to have a winner so that a conventional draw isn’t possible. However, a match can sometimes be undecided if the score is tied or bad weather stops the match. This type of Cricket is played in the Cricket World Cup which is held every four years. When ODI’s were first introduced back in the early 1970s, each side faced 60 overs, but that later changed and has remained the same all these years.

Different Types of Cricket Competitions
Different Types of Cricket Competitions

Twenty20 Internationals

The newest and shortest type of Cricket, Twenty20, requires a maximum of 20 overs per inning. Twenty20 Internationals are played between two teams with ODI status or in International Cricket Council sanctioned T20 tournaments. Because of the short number of overs required, this type of Cricket is played the fastest. Twenty20 matches, also known as T20, are usually played in just three hours with each inning lasting about 90 minutes. The International Cricket Council World Twenty20, which derived in 2003, is the infamous international T20 tournament. This tournament has been hosted over five times since it was born. On almost all international tours, there is always at least one T20 match.