October 17, 2021

Cricket Slang Explained

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Cricket is a game that is played where two teams compete against each other taking turns batting and playing the field. The batters make a run after they hit the ball and the team with the most runs wins the game. In this game, even more than other sports, there are many expressions and slang terminology used to describe the game and what’s going on. This can be a bit overwhelming to new players and/or spectators. Here is a list and explanation of some of the most commonly used slang terms in the game of cricket.

Batting slang terms

The “tail” is comprised of the last four positions in the order of batters and these players are usually the best bowlers. When these players also bat well, it is said that the tail “wags.” When a player keeps the ball from hitting the wickets, that act is commonly known as a “block.” Alternatively, if the player uses all of his physical force to hit the ball, the swing of the bat is referred to as “full blooded.” To “carry the bat” simply means to open and bat throughout all the innings without being dismissed, which is rare. Also, a “bunny” refers to a batsman who keeps being dismissed by the same bowler, becoming that player’s bunny or rabbit.

Bowling slang terms

There are several slang terms when it comes to bowling. A bowler who puts a lot of spin behind the ball is referred to as a “spinner.” A “flipper” is a bowler who throws underhanded and a “jaffa” is also known as a bowl that can’t be played. The word “bouncer” refers to a fast pitch that requires the batter to act fast. “Chin music” refers to a series of bumpers bowled to try and intimidate the batter. A catch that is super simple is also known as a “dolly” or “sitter,” and the act of taking a bowler downtown and hitting the ball straight back over his head is known as “downtown.” Alternatively, the slang term “pie thrower” is a bowler who is unsuccessful.

Performance slang terms

A batsman removed from the game without scoring is referred to as a “duck.” This slang term is derived from the shape of a duck egg which just so happens to be oval shaped like the number zero. A “heavy ball” refers to a delivery that is faster than it seems and hits the bat harder or higher than expected. Also, a careless shot directed at finding the boundary through the air is known as a “slog.”

Cricket Slang Explained
Cricket Slang Explained

Other slang terms

Other slang terms include a “slip,” which refers to fielding positions near the wicket keeper and a “dolly” which is a very simple catch of the bal. The “deep” is very far out in the field, and a “silly” is any fielding position that is close to the wickets that could result in an injury. When a batsman is very capable, he’s also known as a “gun.”


These are just some of the most commonly used slang terms in the game of cricket. These are not “official” words and some of them were adopted many years ago by early players and were simply passed along. It is not required for you to know all of the slang terms, however, it’s a good idea to know some of them so that you’re not left in the dark out on the field.