October 17, 2021

Cricket Shots Every Beginner Should Know

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There are a ton of cricket shots used by batsmen in the game. Each shot can look different with each batsman depending on their technique and playing a good shot can be tough. Each shot has a specific name and they can be confusing. You may not know which shots are which, when or how they should be played. A good batsman changes up his shots and should definitely know the various shots in order to stay on top of his game. Here is a list of the shots every beginner cricket player should know.

Front Foot Defensive Shots

The main reason to use a front foot shot is to obstruct a potential hazardous throw instead of trying to score off of it. When a ball is thrown well, it’s a good idea to use a forward defensive shot to avoid being called out. With front foot shots, the batsman comes forward towards the thrower. The ball should be blocked by a forward defensive shot. There are several front foot shots such as the straight drive, cover drive, on drive, and square drive, just to name several. If a front foot shot is not played, the ball would either hit or come very close to hitting the stumps.

Back Foot Defensive Shots

Back Foot defensive shots are nice shots that are played by moving back, instead of forward, as in front foot. A batsman will await the ball and then push the ball downward. These shots are played to throws that bounce high which will require the need to back up just a little in order to accurately play them. In order to not be called out when confronted with a fast throw, using a back-foot defense is a must. Some back-foot shots include back foot drive back foot defense, square cut, pull shot, and uppercut. The one that is played is completely up to the batter.

Sweep Shot

The sweep shot is a cross-batted front foot shot that you play when the ball is thrown slowly or is low bouncing. This is an ideal shot to use against spinners, especially when you see a low-bouncing ball on the legside, however it can be hit just a little in front of a square, as well. Batsmen most often decide to play this shot before the ball is even thrown. This shot works best when it is played to balls thrown on a full length.

Sweep Shot
Sweep Shot

Leg Glance

The leg glance depends heavily on how fast the ball is thrown and not as much on the power of the batter. This shot is most effective when you are wanting to hit a bad ball and this shot can be hit in different ways on the leg side. This does depend on how quickly or late the ball is hit. Be careful not to fall over when playing this shot, as a lot of batters miss the ball because they allow their heads to fall too far towards the offside.